Monk Tang Cho 2: Snake Goblin (2002)

AKA: Monk Tang Cho 2 – Snake Goblin, 灯草和尚2:白蛇前传 | Directed by Yan Kit | Country: Hong Kong | Language: Mandarin , Cantonese | 80 mins
Cast: : Bessie Chan, Chan Chung-Wai, Matthew Ng Ting, Akeno Junko, James Ha Chim-Si
Subtitles : English, Chinese

Sex Monk “Tang Cho” in Ming’s Dynasty met the Spider Goblin and got stolen his “lotus candle”. The goblin opens the candle accidentally and went into the time machine and travel to Tong’s Dynasty’s Evil Forest. Wizard Yip Hoi and Yet Nim were there to hunt the Evil-King. They met Tang, and two Snake Goblin, Ching and Pai. Monk finally gets back his candle and resumes his power. He used his Great Seven Sex Kit killed Evil-King and Spider Goblin. And at the final, have a unique sex combat with the Evil-Queen

[NF] Monk Tang Cho 2: Snake Goblin (2002)
[RG] Monk Tang Cho 2: Snake Goblin (2002)