Cherry Jeb Ru Hu (2013)

AKA: – | Directed by Naphatr Praisingoen | Country: Thailand | Language: Thai | 95 mins
Cast: : Cherry Samkhok
Subtitles : –

Kwang (Cherry Samkhok) is getting married to a young man in the city. But she has not responded because she wants to come back and fix something in the past in her hometown in the provinces. In the past, he had been in love with a senior named Phon. And Phon is the reason why Cherry hurts the ear. This symptom is only when you dream of having sex with a man. When waking up from a horrible dream You will hurt your ear.
Hwang has a younger sister named Miang (Minnie) who is always heartbroken with love. until he is constantly teaching about love Until one day Miang was born to fall in love with Phon. which is a man who swings secretly in love as well But Hwang gave way to the younger because he did not want to be in love any more. But it turned out that she had made her sister the most heartbreaking for her love once more. When the swing was born to have a relationship with Pon inadvertently While the younger sister was already having sex with Phon.
How will Hung’s love story end? Will anything she go back and fix will succeed? Please stay tuned.

[NF] Cherry Jeb Ru Hu (2013)
[RG] Cherry Jeb Ru Hu (2013)