The Karma of Sex (1999)

AKA: 玉蒲團之極樂寶鑑 | Directed by Stephen Yip Tin-Hang | Country: Hong Kong | Language: Mandarin , Cantonese | 89 mins
Cast: : Alan Chan Kwok-Kuen, Poon Chun-Wai, Houshou Nana, Sawada Maika, Philip Keung Hiu-Man
Subtitles : English, Chinese

Synopsis (Google Translate)
Although Wei Yangsheng is well-educated, he does not set his goal in life to be famous and rich. Instead, he thinks that lust and pleasure are the bliss in the world. By chance, Wei Yangsheng meets the flower-picking thief Sai Kunlun. , cited as a confidant. Wei Yangsheng boasted to Sai Kunlun of his superb sexual skills, but Sai Kunlun thought that Wei Yangsheng’s opponent in the past was a young girl with superficial knowledge, so he surrendered to Weiyang Sheng’s crotch. Sai pointed out that “the sea of desire has no limit”, Wei Young Sheng should challenge to a higher realm, so he took Weiyang Sheng to the capital’s number one prostitute to fight. Unexpectedly, in the hands of the first prostitute, Wei Yangsheng was really vulnerable. Facing the demanding prostitute, Wei Yangsheng was beaten It made life worse than death. After Weiyangsheng’s fiasco, Sai Kunlun realized that Weiyangsheng’s offspring roots were so short, and couldn’t help laughing. Weiyangsheng couldn’t bear the humiliation, so he made up his mind to find a master doctor and replace his offspring roots with giant Lingen’s dildo…

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