Lashou Jiqing (1999)

AKA: 辣手激情 | Directed by Tian Long | Country: Taiwan | Language: Mandarin | 84 mins
Cast: : Law Kwai-Ying, Sun Jia-Xin, Mai Suet
Subtitles : Chinese

Synopsis (Google Translate)
Since Kejie took over as the prosecutor of the High Court, she has claimed to be a female spokesperson. In her hands, most of the female cases can be dealt with legally and fairly. Angie returned home from a quarrel with her boyfriend. On the way home, she met a homeless man who was insane. The homeless man took the opportunity to strike up a conversation with her. And crawled on her body with insects and ants, sniffed and kissed her high-heeled shoes, and then raped her

[NF] Lashou Jiqing (1999)
[RG] Lashou Jiqing (1999)