Monk Tang Cho – Virgin Power (2002)

AKA: Monk Tang Cho, 灯草和尚:素女经 | Directed by Ah Bu | Country: Hong Kong | Language: Mandarin , Cantonese | 84 mins
Cast: : Matthew Ng Ting, Samantha Yan-Shan Chu, Co Co Chow Ka-Yu, Yum Kong-Sau
Subtitles : English, Chinese

The monk Tang Cho penetrated the yin and yang and the five elements, and is well-known for his sexual kung fu “Su Nv Sutra”. One day, passing through a small town, he ran into Cai’er, a descendant of the Bai family, the first big family of the “sex” family. Both of them were masters of the “sex” family. By helping the inn shopkeeper to rejuvenate, the two continued to compete for sex.

[NF] Monk Tang Cho – Virgin Power (2002)
[RG] Monk Tang Cho – Virgin Power (2002)