New Female Teacher: Painted Erotica (2006)

AKA: New Female Teacher Sensuality Drawing | Directed by Hisaaki Nagaoka | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 77 mins
Cast: : Kyouka Usami, Early Matsui
Subtitles :

Synopsis (Google Translate)
A hikikomori male student and a young art teacher. A boy who entrusts the cries of his heart to paintings falls in love with his first love…! ! Tetsuya (Kataoka Mikoto), who lives in a wheelchair, is a high school student who refuses to go to school. His hobbies include painting and observing other people’s private lives through a telescope. One day, a young woman moved into the apartment across the street. The girl who became the perfect target for her peeping was Reiko Sudo (Saki Matsui), an art teacher who has been assigned to Tetsuya’s high school. Every time Tetsuya visits his room, Rumi (Usami Kyoka), a childhood friend whom Tetsuya opens his heart to, leads him to ejaculate with her caress. However, Tetsuya’s interest shifts from Rumi to Reiko, who looks through her telescope. Meanwhile, Reiko sees Tetsuya’s drawings in her classroom and she hears his heart cry. Touched by the sadness and despair of losing her lower body freedom, Reiko visits Tsukada (Kisaku Kimura), her life guidance teacher, and her house to help him get back on his feet. However, Tetsuya rejects her Reiko because of her guilt for prying into her private life. After that, Reiko persistently visited Tetsuya’s room and continued to persuade her. Tetsuya’s demeanor changes due to his pure kindness. However, Reiko, who was forced by Tsukada, allowed her body. Tetsuya is shocked to learn that. Tsukada, who is related to Rumi, sets a trap to trap Tetsuya, but…

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