New Female Teacher Immoral Melody (1999)

AKA: – | Directed by Gen Gonno | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 69 mins
Cast: : To Yokohama, Ryo Fujisaki, Ami Minami, Misaki Shirai, Aoi Hayakura
Subtitles :

Synopsis (Google Translate)
Kato Haruka (Yokohama Yuki) is a music teacher who has just arrived. Teaching was her lifelong dream come true. However, her ideals soon crumble. Her students ignore Haruka’s class and yell, “Teacher, do you have a boyfriend?” And she left the classroom even though she was in class. Haruka is trapped in despair… Haruka, who has completely lost her confidence, is encouraged by her lifestyle guidance teacher, Kitayama. Kitayama was Haruka’s senior in her school circle. That night, I saw a man and a woman getting entangled in the lifestyle guidance room. Kitayama and his chemistry teacher, Yasuko (Minami Ami). Although the two were colleagues’ teachers, they fell into a lewd relationship in which they devoured each other’s desires. A few days later, students Koji and Ken with knives appear in front of Haruka, who was playing the piano alone in the music room after school. Koji whispered into Haruka’s frozen ears. “Take off your pants…” Ken’s video camera takes a detailed picture of Haruka being raped…

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