Missing 55 Final Break (2011)

AKA: Misshingu 55: Fainaru bureiku | Directed by Yasushi Koshizaka | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 78 mins
Cast: : Rui Saotome, Yui Aikawa, Mirei Asaoka, Saya Kobayashi, Yûki Maeda, Hiromi Nakata, Kôta Okushima, Hideyuki Satô, Hitomi Usano, Masato Yoshizawa
Subtitles : –

Kyoko was the only one who succeeded in escaping the “school”, but an unknown virus was injected into her body that will kill her if left untreated. The only way for her to survive is to go back to the “school” and take their vaccine. Meanwhile, Yuka, Yuma, and Yui, who failed their escape attempt, are undergoing brainwashing in the form of severe torture and electric shocks. On the day of the trafficking auction, Onesti armed troops attack the school. There, Kyoko reunites with her transformed classmate. After the fierce battle, can the girls live and escape from this hell?

[NF] Missing 55 Final Break (2011)
[RG] Missing 55 Final Break (2011)

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