New Mr. Lily Family (1993) 1-3

AKA: New Yuri Zoku Sensei, have you ever kissed? | Directed by Osamu Murakami | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 234 mins
Cast: : Ayane Miura (Miura Kirin) / Mayu Riko / Yoshino Koka / Omura / Kimika Yoshino
Subtitles :

Satomi Yamamoto attends Keishin Girls’ High School. Due to her father’s transfer, she was gloating that she could enjoy a free and carefree life alone, but her new teacher, Ayako Shimada, will be lodging in her place. From meals to baths, toilets, and even inside school, she is nagging and crippled. One day, Satomi confesses her feelings by hiding a love letter in the shoebox of her admired student, Shoko Himeno. On the other hand, Ayako begins to worry that Satomi will leave her..

[NF] New Mr. Lily Family (1993) 1-3
[RG] New Mr. Lily Family (1993) 1-3