New Pink Curtain (1991)

AKA: Shin pinku no kaaten | Directed by Yasuaki Uegaki | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 90 mins
Cast: : Naohiko Nagaoka, Kiriko Shimizu, Tomorô Taguchi
Subtitles :

A work that asks, “Is sex necessary for love or sexual desire / carnal desire?” The “pink curtain” depicts the sexes of three pairs of men and women (two of which are brothers and sisters who are related by blood). Later, the sequel “Pink Curtain 2” was serialized, and this time I was planning to draw on my father and daughter who just divorced, but when Naoko Yamada, the brother of Naoko who appeared in the first work in the first half of the story reappears, he becomes the center of the story. The theme was “sex crime.”

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