Jade Stalk (1999)

AKA: 玉蒲团之阳物性教 | Directed by – | Country: Hong Kong | Language: Mandarin , Cantonese | 86 mins
Cast: : Alan Chan Kwok-Gwong
Subtitles : English, Chinese

This film is the sequel to “Jade Futon 4: Yunyu Villa”! Wei Yangsheng left the vicinity of Maoxi County and stayed in the mountain temple. At this time, there was a sudden noise outside the temple. Originally, Yunyu Villa was chasing a flower thief. Under a misunderstanding, Wei Yangsheng was punched and kicked. The owner of the village, Nangong, appreciates Wei Yangsheng’s extraordinary talent, and spares him from dying, only to be imprisoned in a secret room instead. Wei Yangsheng was shocked, because the owner of the village was originally a daughter, her identity was hidden by her parents since she was a child, and she showed people in men’s clothes all day long. It is the flower thief. The owner of the village was very interested in Wei Yangsheng, so he used his maid to test Mo Yangsheng. On the one hand, Wei Yangsheng is very happy because of the boundless beauty, but at the same time, he is worried about the conspiracy of the village owner…

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