New Female Teacher Courtship Class After School (2000)

AKA: – | Directed by Gen Gonno | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 78 mins
Cast: : Azusa Takishima, Satomi Mizutani
Subtitles :

A new English teacher, Aki Amamiya (Satomi Mizutani). As a new graduate, she was overwhelmed by the strange atmosphere of her high school from her first day. Blatant bullying was rampant in the school, and the male student chosen as the target was beaten and kicked. The victim student that Aki witnessed was Satoru, the son of the real estate agent who took care of the move. Aki consults Kato, a lifestyle guidance teacher, about the matter. However, Kato did not care at all. Kato, who has a secret power in the school, was a bad teacher with a tag who enjoyed an affair with his colleague teacher Yumi (Keimi Matsumoto) and was also involved with a female student Izumi (Azusa Takishima). One day, Aki comes home and opens the apartment door. She and she had violent students Takashi and Yoji in the room. After threatening Satoru to get the key to the apartment, the two await Aki’s return home. Aki’s desperate resistance is in vain, and she is raped by two people in turn. All of her actions were captured on video camera. From the next day, she began to threaten Aki. Aki is summoned to a hotel by her students who threaten to release her video. In that room, an orgy party was held between Izumi, a female student, and a male student. Aki, who was forced to strip her, is fucked one after another by male students. Humiliating gang rape. Will the days of her hell for Aki come to an end!?

[NF] New Female Teacher Courtship Class After School (2000)
[RG] New Female Teacher Courtship Class After School (2000)