Lusty Sisters (1972)

AKA: Erotic Sisters, Shikijō shimai | Directed by Chūsei Sone | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 72 mins
Cast: : Akemi Nijo, Keiko Tsuzuki, Chizuyu Azami, Chigusa Takayama, Yoko Oyagi, Mako Mizuki
Subtitles : –

Three sisters live alienated existences in modern day Tokyo. One works as a secretary, one is a prostitute, and one is a criminal. The secretary is cynically unhappy with the sexist business world which limits her opportunities for advancement and makes her a target for her lecherous boss. The prostitute lives an aimless life, drifting between men, and often the target of either police or jealous wives. The criminal, who lives by disrupting the society which oppresses her two sisters, is the only happy one of the three.

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