Erotic Ghost Story III (1992) HD

AKA: Liao zhai san ji zhi deng cao he shang | Directed by Lai Kai-Ming | Country: Hong Kong | Language: Cantonese | 94 mins
Cast: Pauline Chan, Shing Fui-On, Chik King-Man, Rena Otomo, Kenny Wong, William Ho, Aki Tanzawa, Lee Sau-Kei, Chang Seng-Kwong, Tam Wai-Man, Lee Yiu-Ging, Jack Wai-Leung Wong, Ching-Wah Cheung
Subtitles : English | Chinese

Chu Chung takes refuge in an old ruin. His arranged betrothed Liu Su-Su follows him there but he does not desire her. The two encounter the monk Reverend Wick. Chu is drawn to a painting on the wall, which opens up to take him into the afterlife where he falls into the arms of I-Meng. Su-Su is then captured by her Ladyship who rules the afterlife. Ladyship tricks Chu into using his powerful yang force and killing the god Chia Yuan, something that gives her total dominion over the afterlife and the power to rule Earth. As Ladyship makes Chu her sex slave, intending to drain his lifeforce, Su-Su and Wick try to save him.

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