Different Dreams (2005) 6 Chapter

AKA: Same Bed, Different Dreams | Directed by Bong Man-dae | Country: South Korea | Language: Korean | 1,080 mins
Cast: : Heo Young-jin (Yeonsil), Kim Moon-soo (unknown), Lim Jung-eun (Na Director), Kim Seong-il (Park Gisa), Park Ma-ri (Im Ji-hye), Bae Yong-geun (Kim Hyung-soo), Kim Yoon-hee (Sang-hee), Kim Da-hee (Asako), Kim Se-in (from the movie “A Fresh Girl”)
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Synopsis (Google Translate)
Chapter 1. The first story of <Same Bed, Different Dreams>, the scent of sweat. Ji-hye, an aspiring actress who fails every audition, still does her best. He becomes close to his sister-in-law, a screenwriter whom he met through several chance encounters. They spend time together at the sister-in-law’s house, with the sister-in-law working on a scenario and Ji-hye practicing acting. But the breakup is coming. Ji-hye, who leaves her wounds behind and takes on another challenge with a mature look, participates in an audition for Director Na’s film <Deep Picture>.

Chapter 2. The second story of <Same Bed, Different Dreams>, close contact. At the filming location of the erotic epic <Deep Picture>, Doe-sang and Asako’s love affair, as if peeping through a monitor, evokes her eroticism. However, the filming set is chaotic due to frequent mistakes, such as the wind screen of the sound team and Director Na’s beloved dog, Mongsil, disappearing one after another. The discord between the cinematographer and director Na continues to grow… . continuing shooting. And Mongsil’s fur that was discovered during the sound check. It replaces the windscreen of the boom stand. Production of <Deep Painting>. Director Na’s conflict reached its climax.

Chapter 3. The third story of <Same Bed, Different Dreams>, Daum Woman. Sound engineer Sang-hee loves sound. While caressing Joo-hwan, her beer goes into her ears. Her Sang-hee is so obsessed with her voice that she installs her microphone on her own body and tries to pick up the sounds that her own body makes during her sexual intercourse. Soon after, her friend, Sang-hee, is put in the middle of a production directed by Na. (<Deep Grim>, where the sound director was replaced due to the Windscreen and Mongsil incident in Episode 1) Sang-hee feels attracted to Mi-sang, the male protagonist of <Deep Grim>… l <Deep Picture> and the time and space located in the post-production part of <Deep Picture>.

Chapter 4. The fourth story of <Same Bed, Different Dreams>, Deep Grim. <Deep Painting> Editing Room. It’s a technical preview. “Asako, who came to see the unknown unknown on the ferry of the love room. Mi-sang, a Chunhwa-do painter, picks up a brush to paint the depths of Asako today. The charming seduction of Asako, who became a model, followed by an affair. Mi-sang, who continues to draw Asako’s pornography that she could not finish, senses signs of a love affair peeking outside the door… One day, Mi-sang accidentally sees Yeon-sil’s bathing scene, finds Yeon-sil, who she thought was her child, and picks up her brush. Yeonsil and Unknown get closer. Yeon-sil falls deeply in love… . In a fit of rage, he murders a merchant who insults the unknown. Two hugging in the pouring rain.” Director Na and the staff have a conversation with CEO Lee, who is dissatisfied with the work. l The time and space located in the production of <Deep Painting>.

Chapter 5. The fifth story of <Different Dreams>, Nakedness. It is the scene of the end party of <Deep Picture>. The actors Ji-hye, Sang-hee, Ji-he, and Na are the directors. Those who argue over the past. The source of trouble was bringing up the story of his brother-in-law. Sang-hee, who soon tries to reconcile, tells them about their experiences… . After a while, the cameraman who appeared with the makeup team, and the hidden puppy, proposed to director Na… . l The time and space located in the production of <Deep Painting>. Chapter 5.

The 6th story of <Same Bed, Different Dreams>, Director’s Cut. Five compressions.

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