B Cut (2022) HD

AKA: B Keot | Directed by Kim Jin Young | Country: South Korea | Language: Korean | 92 mins
Cast: : Jeon Se Hyun, Song Yeon Ji, Jo Seo Hu
Subtitles : –

The one who tries to hide VS the one who wants to reveal
A shocking scandal unfolds around the B Cut that must be revealed in order to survive!
One day, a woman visits Seung Hyun, who runs a smartphone repair and data recovery company. Actress Min Young, who once captivated South Korea, asks for the restoration of a B-cut, which should not be released to the world. Min Young’s B-cut stimulates Seung Hyun’s curiosity, and he finds out that it will cause a huge scandal in Korea!
The secret of the B-cut that someone wants to hide and that must be revealed is unlocked.

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[RG] B Cut (2022) HD