High (School) On Sex (2022) 8 Eps. HD

AKA: – | Directed by Isao Hayashi | Country: Philippines | Language: English, Tagalog | – mins
Cast: : Denise Esteban, Angela Morena, Kat Dovey, Wilbert Ross, Katya Santos, Sheree, Rob Guinto
Subtitles : English

A new batch of senior high students is coming to Harmon Catholic University – Gibo, Wes, Issa, Mavic and Karla. Gibo befriends his aloof neighbor Issa while BFF’s Mavic & Wes meet new love prospects. And Gibo’s old love, Karla,…

[NF] High (School) On Sex (2022) 8 Eps. HD
[RG] High (School) On Sex (2022) 8 Eps. HD