Violence Jack (1986–1990) HD Uncensored

AKA: – | Directed by Ichiro Itano, Osamu Kamijo, Takuya Wada | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese, Italy | 155 mins
Cast: : –
Subtitles : Italy

Violence Jack, Part 1, Slum King , Violence Jack: Harlem Bomber (1986)
Set on a future Earth that has been ripped apart by natural disasters. Civilization has turned into a brutish nightmare of survival. Violence Jack is caught in the crossfire when a new violent war erupts. Meanwhile Mari, a beautiful women, is looking for her lost lover, Ken.

Violence Jack, Part 2: Hell City – Evil Town (1988)
The World as we know it has been torn apart shattered by a series of natural disasters that have turned civilization into a brutish nightmare of survival and has left whole cities buried beneath the Earth. It’s now a lethal and chaotic place, a place where only the strongest and most savage remain alive. The strongest of them all is a giant warrior known as Violence Jack… Violence Jack tries to avert a civil war brewing among the wretched inhabitants of a subterranean metropolis called Evil Town…

Violence Jack: Hell’s Wind (1990)
The survivors of Kanto’s Hell Earthquake built a new city and christened it “Hope Town”. However, this peaceful town becomes a nightmare when it’s raided by the motorcycle gang, “Hell’s Wind”. They abduct the women while the remaining townsfolk are left helpless against them. Meanwhile, a boy, Saburo, meets Jun. Jun’s lover was previously murdered, and the duo help one another to fight against Hell’s Wind. The battles are getting more and more difficult, but with the appearance of Violence Jack, the citizens seem to gain the upper hand against Hell’s Wind.

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