Collector Captive Woman (2000)

AKA: – | Directed by Hisaaki Nagaoka | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 76 mins
Cast: : Mayu Asada , Moe Sakura / Taro Horisaki
Subtitles : –

Synopsis (Google Translate)
Office lady Keiko (Mayu Asada) is suddenly kidnapped by a stranger on her way home from work. However, that man is Okada (Taro Horisaki), a solitary painter who cannot sell. Okada, who tries to draw her ideal work with Keiko as a model, and Keiko, who tries to escape from the hellish situation. Then, when Okada’s wife Miki (Sakura Moe) shows up, things take an unexpected turn…

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[RG] Collector Captive Woman (2000)