Saikai no hamabe (2018) HD

AKA: On the beach of the reunion, the woman who slept with regret | Directed by Daisuke Yamauchi | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 71 mins
Cast: : Ayane Suzukawa, Minako Kirishima Firefly (HOTARU)
Subtitles : –

Synopsis (Google Translate)
A southern island with beautiful white sandy beaches and cobalt blue seas. Mikayo (Ayane Suzukawa) and her husband Junichi are having sex in her bedroom. Mikayo bends over to hold her leg and she holds her position. The couple were pregnant. The next day, Junichi in work clothes, his colleague Yoshii, and several other workers at a huge ruined area on the outskirts of town are removing mines with a mine detector in hand. Meanwhile, his colleague Yoshii heads to Junichi’s wake and meets Mikayo. Yoshii has the title of a former detective, and he had a past of committing murder after his wife cheated on him. And with Mikayo…

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