Missing 44 The Final Stage (2010)

AKA: Misshingu 44: Za fainaru sutêji | Directed by Yasushi Koshizaka | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 96 mins
Cast: : Hitomi Usano, Ruby Aiba, Mirei Asaoka, Yô Kamiyoshihara, Hiromi Nakata, Tsubaki Nino, Kôta Okushima, Riku Shiina
Subtitles : –

Miho is a high school girl who is kidnapped by a mysterious “school” and trained as a slave. She is left unsold at the auction and is saved by a man named Yamamoto on the verge of being “disposed of”. Yamamoto is spying on the trafficking organization in search of his missing lover. Meanwhile, Izumi, Asuka, and Saki, who were bought at the auction, are subjected to hell as toys for perverted customers. Yamamoto kidnaps a buyer named Arikawa who won the bid for Izumi. He threatens the organization, but the operation backfires and he is captured with Miho. Miho, Yamamoto, and Izumi are gathered in an underground execution site by the school and are made to participate in an online murder show using a high-voltage current stick. Who will kill their friends to survive? The last game has begun!

[NF] Missing 44 The Final Stage (2010)
[RG] Missing 44 The Final Stage (2010)