Lady Ninja Kasumi 5: Counter Attack (2008)

AKA: Sanada kunoichi ninpo-den kasumi nairan! Yukimura ansatsu!! | Directed by Seiki Watanabe | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 75 mins
Cast: : Mei Itoya, Momose Emiru, Mari Hida, Hiroshi Maeda, Terhiko Nobukuni, Masato Takaoka, Jako Amano, Yuuki Komeyama, Tetsui Konno
Subtitles : –

This installment in the story of hard hitting femme fatale Lady Ninja Kasumi finds the heroine escorting a man to Ueda Castle and protect the deadly weapon he carries. Unfortunately, Hanzo knows about the power contained in Kasumi’s precious cargo, and has sent a team of his own ninja’s to steal it.

[NF] Lady Ninja Kasumi 5: Counter Attack (2008)
[RG] Lady Ninja Kasumi 5: Counter Attack (2008)

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