Pachislot Battler Sakura (2008) HD

AKA: – | Directed by Takayuki Tamura | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 88 mins
Cast: : Aino Kishi, Shuuki Kawamata, Ryoichi Inaba, Seiji Karasawa , Fukuten, Wakato Kanematsu, Tatsuya Kanno
Subtitles : –

Synopsis (Google Translate)
Sakura Suzukawa is a beautiful woman who is popular with everyone who works in the hall of ‘Big Paradise’. She had a boyfriend named Goro Nanao, who was seconded to work at a listed pachislot manufacturer where he was in charge of setting up pachislot machines and developing new machines. The two have been living together for a year, and Sakura begins to put pressure on Goro to get married. Goro, who is in trouble, receives information about the underground slot machine “God Seven” from his boss, Nishigaki! It costs 1,500 yen to play one game, but it’s a super-explosive shop with 175,000 yen per big shot. At first, Goro is reluctant, but when he starts earning 4 million yen in one night, he gradually becomes unable to escape its charm. Sakura and the Big Paradise manager are involved, and the situation changes moment by moment…

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