Taguchi Yukari: Misechaimasu (1983)

AKA: Joshi daisei kyôshi no mae de | Directed by Toshiyuki Mizutani | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 57 mins
Cast: : Makoto Yoshino, Yukari Taguchi, Sayuri Yamamoto
Subtitles : –

Not long after Yoko and Arthur move into their new house, they notice that many bizarre things start to happen. Yoko begins seeing ghosts and suspects that the house is haunted. Yoko enlists the help of a police detective, who knows the house has a dark, secret past. A fun Japanese supernatural thriller, inspired by cult film THE GRUDGE (Ju-On)!

[NF] Taguchi Yukari: Misechaimasu (1983)
[RG] Taguchi Yukari: Misechaimasu (1983)

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