Stop the Bitch Campaign (2001)

AKA: Enjo-kôsai bokumetsu undô | Directed by Kosuke Suzuki | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 88 mins
Cast: : Koharu Toono, Honami Seki, Ayaka Makabe, Jutemu Nakajima, Kenichi Endo, Taro Suwa
Subtitles : English

Tokyo’s Valentine Call is a special kind of phone club. Older salarymen pay to wait for calls from teenage girls, discreet meetings are arranged, and handfuls of yen are exchanged for a quick session of enjo kosai, or paid sex with a high school girl. Plenty of girls are doing it—some to make money for fancy, fashionable clothes and accessories, others to set a trap to rob and brutalize the old perverts. But the Valentine Call staff, horny young Ogisu and the vaguely sinister, makeup-coated Mr. Kuni, have a nasty plan of their own. Listening in on the enjo kosai calls, they conspire to trick the girls into giving them free sex. Mr. Kuni even has a twisted concept behind this scheme. He calls it enboku, his campaign to humiliate the teenage girls, drive them away from prostitution and purify Japan.

[NF] Stop the Bitch Campaign (2001)
[RG] Stop the Bitch Campaign (2001)

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