Dan Oniroku White Beast Cage (2008)

AKA: Dan kiroku hakujū no ori, S & M series – Beasts Cage | Directed by Hiroyuki Kawasaki | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 74 mins
Cast: : Aoi Mizumori
Subtitles : –

Uehara has a physical relationship with Natsuko, who works at a bar. However, Natsuko had a yakuza man named Seiji. Uehara withdraws his savings and gives it to Kiyoji and starts living with Natsuko. However, Natsuko had a suspicious shadow. One night, Uehara, who told Natsuko about her suspicions, punishes her by tying her naked up with her rope. Uehara, who felt an unprecedented intense excitement, made Natsuko naked and confined her in her cage. Uehara sadistically stares at Natsuko’s stupidity as she urinates because she can’t stand her urge to urinate. He also deceives Kiyotsugu and locks him in the same cage. With Natsuko and Kiyoji in captivity, Uehara’s gruesome revenge begins…

[NF] Dan Oniroku White Beast Cage (2008)
[RG] Dan Oniroku White Beast Cage (2008)