Joshi Iryo Keimusho (2015)

AKA: – | Directed by Toshiyuki Kakihara | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 74 mins
Cast: : Sho Nishino , Mari Shiina , Bansho Shinra , Mayumi Ito , Yoshihiro Sato , Yuta Nakagawa , Mana Tatsumi , Ryo Nakano
Subtitles : –

Mino is a doctor who is dedicated to caring for prisoners with mental and physical disabilities in a maximum security prison for women. After her younger sister Manami committed suicide in this prison, confused and unanswered, Mino goes in search of the true reason for the death of his sister, where he ends up discovering absurdly inhuman things. But she ends up being arrested for trying to find out the truth, now beyond the answer she fears for her survival and freedom within the underworld of a maximum security prison.

[NF] Joshi Iryo Keimusho (2015)
[RG] Joshi Iryo Keimusho (2015)