New Female Teacher: The Warmth of the Infirmary (2000)

AKA: – | Directed by Hajime Gonno | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 77 mins
Cast: : Mika Aizawa, Yuka Takahashi, Togo Okumoto
Subtitles : –

Tetsuya Hirakawa (Togo Okumoto), a third-year high school student, skips class as usual and heads to the infirmary. And there is a new health teacher Takano Mika (Aizawa Mika) who is different from the previous day. Despite Tetsuya’s surprise, Rin earnestly cares about his physical condition. His maternal instinct in his eyes warms Tetsuya’s heart… Rin lives with Hirohiko (Takuya Nogi), who has failed in his business, dabbled in black money, and is being chased by debt collectors. The love relationship had already ended, but she couldn’t break up with Hirohiko, who made her a woman. At the request of Hirohiko, she decides to work part-time at night as well. However, the shop introduced by Hirohiko was a questionable sexy pub. Hitomi runs away from the interview and jumps into a nearby bar. Then, at the counter of the store, there is a figure of Tetsuya working part-time… Because of that relationship, I also started working at a bar. And she learns that Tetsuya, who wanted to be a baseball player, was frustrated because he hurt his shoulder.

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