Sex Demon Man No. 2 Ikinasai (2017)

AKA: – | Directed by Kunisawa Minoru | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 70 mins
Cast: : Minami Riona, Sakuragi Yukine, Asagiri Hikari
Subtitles : –

Synopsis (Google Translate)
In a hotel room, Hina (Minami Riona), dressed in gothic lolita style with a blond wig, is being attacked with an electric massage machine by Masukawa, the manager of a care company, with her legs spread open. Masukawa’s vision is distorted at the moment when Hina, who is strangled by her and feels her joyful expression, cums. Even though she lost consciousness, a mysterious figure appeared in Masukawa’s field of vision… Masukawa’s death was immediately entrusted to the hands of Maki (Yukine Sakuragi) of the Strange Case Investigation Laboratory, abbreviated as the Strange Case Investigation Laboratory. And then, suspicions begin to arise in what at first seemed like an accidental death from a heart attack…

[NF] Sex Demon Man No. 2 Ikinasai (2017)
[RG] Sex Demon Man No. 2 Ikinasai (2017)