Female Dark Money Maki (2018) HD

AKA: – | Directed by Daisuke Yamauchi | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 82 mins
Cast: : Kyoko Maki, Moe Kurose, Sasa Handa, Bansho Shinra
Subtitles : –

Synopsis (Google Translate)
Tulip Finance” is a loan shark company exclusively for women that lends money at a profit margin of 50% in 10 days. Women who continue to accumulate debts elsewhere and still cannot resist their desires and desire money appear in front of Maki (Kyoko Maki) again today, are entangled in her tricks, are forced to sell their bodies, and are forced to sell their bodies and engage in darkness. being dragged into the world of Maki is a ruthless and skilled female blackmailer who shows no mercy to the girls, but Maki herself also had a past in which her ordinary and happy world was robbed of everything by a blackmailer…

[RG] Female Dark Money Maki (2018) HD