Confinement Sacrifice Ritual (1996)

AKA: Kankin : ikenie no gishiki | Directed by Shuji Goto | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 81 mins
Cast: : Yuka Tachibana, Yumi Aoi, Yukei Hata, Natsumi Takeda, Mayu Nakata
Subtitles : –

A group of five female college students, including Mana Kagawa, go for a drive, but after getting lost, they end up in a quiet mountain village in the mountains. Relying on the hospitality of the villagers, the five decide to spend the night in a mountain village. The bodies of these open-minded women are bursting. However, the next morning, Akemi is nowhere to be seen among the five. And even Sayuri, who went looking for Akemi, is missing. Confinement, rope spells, torture, lynching, and the hands of the devil attacking them one after another. Its identity is…

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[RG] Confinement Sacrifice Ritual (1996)