Lady Ninja Kasumi 4: Birth of a Ninja (2007)

AKA: Sanada kunoichi ninpō-den kasumi tanjō! Sarutobisasuke | Directed by Hiroyuki Kawasaki | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 75 mins
Cast: : Akiho Yoshizawa, Mankichi Maeda, Abo, Shô Hiromasa, Hiroyuki Kawasaki, Tatsuo Wakabayashi
Subtitles : –

Once again, Lady Ninja Kasumi is a candidate for a dangerous mission that will use all of her abilities as both a kunoichi and a woman. Her clan elder approaches a specific former member of their group, Sakichi, for his aid in the matter. Unfortunately, due to a tragedy and a lost love, he is unwilling to lend his help to the Sanada ninja, and Kasumi volunteers to handle the matter. Ultimately, she is captured and it is up to Sakichi to help her get to safety… but not before she settles the score with a rival lady ninja.

[NF] Lady Ninja Kasumi 4: Birth of a Ninja (2007)
[RG] Lady Ninja Kasumi 4: Birth of a Ninja (2007)

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