The O world (2003)

AKA: Oの世界 the O world | Directed by No Hyun Jin | Country: South Korea | Language: Korean | 82 mins
Cast: : Eun Bi Na, Young Yoo Jin, Lee Tae Min, Kang Dong, Soo Jae Min
Subtitles : Japanese

Synopsis (Google Translate)
Hye-young, a female dealer with eight previous convictions for fraud, has been waiting for him as the mistress of casino manager Lee, in order to reunite with her first love who introduced her to the world of gambling. In order for her to escape from the quagmire of life together… Two years later, President Lee teamed up with Hye-young to extort a large amount of money from his opponent at a Texas poker game, by making the other party win big and trapping President Kim with a strategy to force him to make a big money next time.

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