Korean suspense theater Trapped Woman (2005)

AKA: 韓流サスペンス劇場 | Directed by Moon se kyo | Country: South Korea | Language: Korean | 84 mins
Cast: : Yoon Ji Min Jung, Song Min Tae Young
Subtitles : Japanese

Synopsis (Google Translate)
The younger sister, Ji-young, has an abnormal brother-sister love for her older brother, Jeong-yeop, and is a cold and passionate woman who ruthlessly excludes women who come close to her brother. Joo-eun, a woman who has revenge on such a dangerous woman, is dating Jeong-yeop. In order to exact her revenge on her mother and her girlfriend who had brought her down on her. However, Joo-eun is in love with Jeong-yeop, who is only one tool for her revenge, and while she is tormented by the gap between her hatred and love, she is steadily making preparations for her.

[RG] Korean suspense theater Trapped Woman (2005)