Yankee Lady (2011) HD

AKA: Yankī ojōsama | Directed by Wataru Oku | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 88 mins
Cast: : Rui Saotome, Mayumi Miyamoto, Ai AiManami, NagaoAsuka Yamashita
Subtitles : –

Hime Kirimura is a yankee who loves to fight. On the day of her graduation ceremony, she was supposed to have a final fight with her rival, Ryuko, but she was dumped by a man and depressed. Her mother, Kyoko, didn’t think much of such a mischievous daughter. Somehow she wanted her to go back to being the princess she used to be. But a miracle happened. Her confrontation with Ryuko caused Hime to lose her memory. At this moment, Kyoko deceives the handsome man she recently met and tries to make her princess a princess. What will happen to her princess…?

[NF] Yankee Lady (2011) HD
[RG] Yankee Lady (2011) HD

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