Dimple (2004)

AKA:くぼみ | Directed by Ji Ho | Country: South Korea | Language: Korean | 69 mins
Cast: : Lee Soo- young Yoon, Yeon-seo, Kang Chul
Subtitles : Japanese

Synopsis (Google Translate)
Three women who are best friends each have their own worries and dissatisfaction with their partners. The girls started talking about their sex lives with their boyfriends at a bar they frequented. Eun Soo and Kang Chul, a car salesman, are a tired couple. They exchange bodies, but not words, and if they do talk, they end up fighting. Seo Yeon and Eun Soo and Mi Hee learn how to play billiards from Kim, but will they really get along well with their partners?

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