Poruno repoto: Kinpatsu panma (1976) HD

AKA: Porno Report: Blonde Massage Girl, Poruno repôto: Kinpatsu perm, Poruno repôto: Kinpatsu panma, ポルノ・レポート 金髪パンマ | Directed by Akitaka Kimata | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 62 mins
Cast: : Yuichi Minato, Kyôko Hirose, Rumi Tama, Risa Aoki, Emmanuelle Bon, Katsuro Sakai
Subtitles : –

There is a panma – the word “panma” is a combination of “panpan” (prostitute) and “anma” (a traditional Japanese masseuse) – shop that dispatches prostitutes disguised as female masseuses to inns. However, the woman that was the main earner quits, and the man in charge is at a loss. At that time, he meets a white woman, Janet, and the manager scouts her. He’s going to sell her as Japan’s first blonde panma.

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