Dead Prison: Woman Hunting (2012)

AKA: Dead Prison: Joshū kari | Directed by Tetsuya Takehora | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 73 mins
Cast: : Uta Kohaku, Shogo Moriyama, Takeshi Iwaya, Akari Hoshino, Act Yasukawa
Subtitles : –

Man hunting futuristic movie starring popular sexy actress Uta Kohaku. Near future that the death penalty was abolished. launched the “dead Prison Plan” to be held in an island prison for new prisoners who committed murder as an anti-government prisoners continues to grow. I would be done with the island in a new punishment to prisoners who committed the murder, absolutely can not escape. Akane Kakizaki yuan of idle. Akane had fallen into temporary memory impairment, I do not know why you’re here myself. We murderer legally pounce on Akane like that!

[NF] Dead Prison: Woman Hunting (2012)
[RG] Dead Prison: Woman Hunting (2012)