She Cat (1983)

AKA: Female Cat, Meneko | Directed by Shingo Yamashiro | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 86 mins
Cast: : Ai Saotome, Koichi Iwaki, Yoshie Ohtsuka, Kotomi Aoki, Mariko Nishina, Hiroshi Nawa, Shôki Fukae, Koji Mizukami
Subtitles : English

Dr. Cat Kagami was hoping to leave her torrid past behind, but a failed assassination attempt has now put her square in the crosshairs of a team of brutal killers. Now no one is safe, including her lesbian co-worker and a mysterious woman with a terrible secret that could bring down an entire Japanese company. Cat must take the law into her own hands and enact her own special kind of revenge!

[NF] She Cat (1983)
[RG] She Cat (1983)