Brother of Darkness (1994) Uncut

AKA: Tai tin hang dou: Saat hing | Directed by Billy Hin-Shing Tang | Country: Hong Kong | Language: Cantonese | 87 mins
Cast: Lily Chung, Hugo Ng, Ka-Kui Ho, Pui-Kei Chan, Ka-Kui Ho, Anthony Chau-Sang Wong, Money Lo
Subtitles : English , Chinese

Toh is on trial for the brutal murder of his brother, Wah. As the court case unfolds and witnesses take the stand, a horrific tale of sibling abuse, domestic violence and all-round thuggery ensues. A violent attack leads to castration and the end of Toh’s relationship with his long-term girlfriend Jenny. Wah is forever after money to finance his gambling and drug addictions. When Toh returns home just in time to rescue Jenny, it is the last straw.

[NF] Brother of Darkness (1994) Uncut
[RG] Brother of Darkness (1994) Uncut