All Night Long: Initial O (2003)

AKA: All Night Long 5 | Directed by Katsuya Matsumura | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 98 mins
Cast: : Sakura Kobayashi, Kadu Koide, Ayumu Saitô, Salmon Sakeyama
Subtitles : –

When a young woman witnesses a suicide she is so overwhelmed with sexual excitement that she masturbates, unaware that she is being observed by a strange man. Later he invites her home where she is wined and dined. Soon she wakes up to find herself locked in a cage. Of course their twisted and sadomasochistic relationship will end in a sadistically explicit bloodbath… The version of “All Night Long 5” I have is in Japanese, but the above synopsis is general gist. I’m a big fan of Katsuya Matsumura and I absolutely love the first three “All Night Long” movies.”All Night Long R” is also pretty good whilst still being deeply disturbing.Unfortunately “Initial O” is too long and sometimes dull, so I was a little bit disappointed.Still there is plenty of sex and some unsettling sexual torture on display. There is not enough gore,but some scenes (for example throat slashing or castration) are particularly nasty.

[NF] All Night Long: Initial O (2003)
[RG] All Night Long: Initial O (2003)