Dan Oniroku Kurenai Sisters (2008)

AKA: Dan kiroku benishimai | Directed by Dan Oniroku | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 106 mins
Cast: : Minako Ogawa
Subtitles : –

Kinuyo Tachibana, the proprietress who inherited a historic inn and wields fine skills. However, her husband, Seiji, was indulged in an affair with her mistress, Aiko, and was a debauchery who dabbled in black money. Kawamura, a loan shark, has his eye on Kinuko and demands her body. It was her Aiko who was pulling the strings behind Kawamura. In order to save Matsukaze, Kinuyo unties her belt in front of Kawamura. Kinuyo is humiliated by her sex toys and tied up in her training room. That was just the beginning of the sex hell that Kinuyo is going down…

[NF] Dan Oniroku Kurenai Sisters (2008)
[RG] Dan Oniroku Kurenai Sisters (2008)