Man Hunting: Redemption (2011)

AKA: Man hantingu: Ridenpushon | Directed by Yasushi Koshizaka | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 69 mins
Cast: : Ruby Aiba, Saya Tachibana, Yuki Hamada, Yô Kamiyoshihara, Ryuhei Kawana, Kura, Yûki Maeda, Risa Nakatani
Subtitles : –

A man hunts girls who got lost in the jungle. When the news broke about one of the dead brutally murdered, a group of special forces is assigned to rescue whoever is still alive. Upon arriving at his hideout, they successfully rescue one. However little did they know that they are not dealing with an ordinary hunter. They too become a target and soon running for their lives is the only option.

[NF] Man Hunting: Redemption (2011)
[RG] Man Hunting: Redemption (2011)