Stop the Bitch Campaign: Hell Version (2004)

AKA: Stop the Bitch Campaign Again | Directed by Kosuke Suzuki | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 56 mins
Cast: : Sora Aoi, Kenichi Endo, Yasuhito Hida, Takeshi Ohnishi, Ryôta Matsushima, Ren Suzuki, Iizawa Momo
Subtitles : English

In Tokyo, prostitution in the name of “Enjo Kosai” is in fashion among some high school girls. A mysterious man Kuni lament such girls but cannot deny a strong desire for them. He punish the girls by having sex with them without paying them. He calls this operation “Stop the Bitch Campaign” for public justice. Working in a sex trade shop where abnormal people are satisfied with their lust. Aoi tries to find out the man who raped her desperately in the past. One day, Aoi meets Kuni.

[NF] Stop the Bitch Campaign: Hell Version (2004)
[RG] Stop the Bitch Campaign: Hell Version (2004)

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