The General and His Empire of Joy (1977)

AKA: The General and His Decadent Empire, The Sex Bath of the Concubine’s Residence, Die Frauen des Shogun, Ooku Ukiyo-buro | Directed by Ikuo Sekimoto | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 80 mins
Cast: : Eiko Matsuda, Tokuko Watanabe, Hiromi Maya, Yûsuke Kazato, Masataka Iwao, Ryumei Azuma, Akira Shioji
Subtitles : English

Zenjiro (Masaru Shiga) is a lowlife criminal, roaming the country with his merry band of crooks, gamblers and rapists. When he gets done with his latest escapade of banging a samurai’s wife, he finds that his love Okoyo (Eiko Matsuda), has managed to be recruited as one of Shogun Tokugawa Ietsuna’s (Kantaro Suga) concubines. While attempting to win her back, Zenjiro becomes involved in increasingly murderous palace intrigues.

[NF] The General and His Empire of Joy (1977)
[RG] The General and His Empire of Joy (1977)

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