Rape Panic Mansion (1996)

AKA: – | Directed by Yoshihide Ide | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 60 mins
Cast: : Natsuko Sawada, Tomomi Sugiura
Subtitles : –

Keiko, an office worker, is suddenly attacked by two men in the elevator of her apartment on her way home from work. With her jackknife on her cheek, she can’t help but get her clothes chopped and raped. “If you want money, it’s in the room…” She guides the duo to the front of the room in order to have a chance to escape, but instead of her own room, she immediately instructs Miho’s room next to her. .

[NF] Rape Panic Mansion (1996)
[RG] Rape Panic Mansion (1996)