Molester White Paper 5 (2005)

AKA: Chikan hakusho | Directed by Hiroshi Ando | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 73 mins
Cast: : Tomomi Sugiura, Satoko Nitta, Kumiko Kozomoto
Subtitles : –

Yabe, who works at a bridal salon, encounters a slut in a crowded train on his way to work one day. A supple hand pulls down the zipper of his pants and sneaks inside. The joy of being tossed between tension and pleasure… I couldn’t see her face, but her ears were sparkling with pearl earrings. A few days later, a woman named Fuyuko appears in front of Yabe at the reception of the salon, accompanied by his fiancée. Seeing that figure, Yabe makes a hat! Fuyuko’s ears were also sparkling with the same pearl earrings as that slut. Is it a coincidence? Or…

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