Onna must kill! Nikiita (1995)

AKA: On’na hissatsu! On’na hadakoromo, Female killer! Nikiita | Directed by Masakazu Shirai | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 80 mins
Cast: : Ryoko Kato
Subtitles : –

Okoto, who got her hands on the store’s money at the place of apprenticeship, became a woman who turned her back on the mundane world with that one hesitation. While she was in possession of the money, she was found by the shopkeeper, who deprived her of her virginity in exchange for acquiescing to her guilt. On top of that, she is threatened by a mysterious komuso who somehow knows her crime, and Okoto has no way of resisting her orders.

[NF] Onna must kill! Nikiita (1995)
[RG] Onna must kill! Nikiita (1995)