Healing Courtesan Wet Tongue Nectar (2012)

AKA: – | Directed by Taro Araki | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 61 mins
Cast: : Rui Saotome, Yoko Satomi, Motoko Sasaki
Subtitles :

Oe, an elderly writer, is writing a novel. While taking a walk in the old townscape, which is still his daily routine, he was working out ideas for his novel. A woman jumps into Oe’s umbrella, which is suddenly attacked by a shower. The woman took Oe by the hand and invited her to the brothel in the back alley where she lived. A woman who takes off her wet clothes in front of Oe without any hesitation and becomes naked. Oe falls in love with her body and starts going to a brothel.

[NF] Healing Courtesan Wet Tongue Nectar (2012)
[RG] Healing Courtesan Wet Tongue Nectar (2012)

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