New Female Teacher Temptationc Leotard (2003)

AKA: La nouvelle femme scorpion – cachot X, Shin joshuu sasori: Tokushu-bô X | Directed by Masayuki Naruse | Country: Japan | Language: Japanese | 78 mins
Cast: : Mimi mizuhara,Moe Ishikawa, Kei Mizutani, Mariko Yoshioka, Asami Fukuyama
Subtitles : –

Teachers loved their students. Students surrendered to their teachers. Her beautiful limbs dancing like butterflies were the catalyst for the tragedy… Shiroyama Minami High School, gymnasium. Yuko Aso (Kei Mizutani) in a leotard is performing a ribbon performance in rhythmic gymnastics all by herself. She is innocent and dances like a butterfly. Aoyama Hitomi (Yoshioka Mariko) in a sailor uniform is staring at Yuko with a passionate gaze. Yuko was a new female teacher who came to fill vacancies from Shiratori Women’s College of Physical Education, which is famous for rhythmic gymnastics. She is Yuko who attracts the attention of male students with her glamorous body and her beauty, but she had a scandalous past. When she was a student, she fell into a lesbian relationship with a fellow rhythmic gymnast, and eventually her partner committed suicide. The incident was treated as a tangled relationship between coach and athlete, but Yuko was forced to give up her future as a rhythmic gymnast. Hitomi’s father, Keizo Haruyama, is the chairman of the school’s board of education, but he reigns as a man of power who doesn’t care about his family, making his mistress Miki Kitazawa (Mimi Mizuhara), a math teacher. Hitomi, who is ashamed of her father, continues to refuse her last line even though she is dating her classmate Kazushige Iida (Kenichi Mori). One day, Hitomi is encouraged by Yuko to join her rhythmic gymnastics club. Hitomi, who admired her Yuko, became the only member of the rhythmic gymnastics club, and she began to receive guidance from her. Gazing at Yuko dancing in a leotard and the bodies in her eyes, Kazushige felt unbridled excitement and desire. Spring finally came, and Yuko and Hitomi’s training camp began. While training during the day, Yuko and Hitomi wash each other’s naked bodies in the bathroom at night. And Yuko gives sex lessons to her body of her eyes who are afraid of sex excessively. The eyes that refused Kazushige’s desire also leaked out her pleasing voice to Yuko’s caress. A man steps into the training camp for just the two of them…

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